History of Crime

Law, Crime and Deviance

Our researchers have expertise in the history of blasphemy, infanticide, violence in society, sex crimes and forensic medicine.

A foundation of this approach has been to engage with contemporary agendas in many of these areas and to relate these to past paradigms. This has enabled members of this research group to work with professional practitioners, lawyers, NGOs, government departments and transnational organisations as a method of achieving wider research Impact.

A hallmark of this approach has also been this research area’s involvement with the international SOLON Project and its network of University partnerships, in which Brookes has taken a leading role. The research group has hosted international conferences (in Britain and abroad) and operates a regular seminar series at Brookes that has both a national and international focus. Two book series (with Routledge and Bloomsbury) are edited or jointly edited by members of the research group.

Current projects include studies of the history of homicide; medico-legal practice in England and Wales; shame in the twentieth century; crime and politics; religion, crime and the law; and the history of crime in eastern Europe.

Academic staff with related research interests