Early Modern History

From Renaissance to Enlightenment

During the period between the Renaissance and Reformation and the Enlightenment Europe saw extraordinary developments in religion and politics, remarkable shifts in the religious and scientific understanding of the world and unprecedented urban growth. These changes in turn gave rise to dramatic innovations in architecture and the visual arts.

Within this rich field the particular strengths of our researchers lie in the history of religion and its social and cultural impact, in the histories of crime, terrorism, magic and witch-hunts, and in the histories of science, art, architecture and the urban environment. Current research topics include the impact of the Reformation on church architecture and migration, magical treasure-hunting, cleanliness in early modern Italian ports and the construction of status in early modern portraiture.

For research students this range of staff specialisms offers exciting opportunities for interdisciplinary research in early modern history, for example into religious art or architecture or into cultural, social or artistic aspects of early modern cities.

Academic staff with related research interests