Alcohol flows across cultures

Drinking cultures in transnational and comparative perspective

International Research Symposium

29–30 June 2016, St Anne’s College, Oxford

Segregation and Integration in the History of the Hospital

International Network for the History of Hospitals

Hosted by Oxford Brookes University and the Croatian Institute of History, Zagreb

10–11 April 2015, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Disease, Health, and the State

Society for the Social History of Medicine 2014 Conference

10–12 July 2014, Oxford

British Waters and Beyond: The cultural significance of the sea since 1800

12 May 2014, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

Pre-Raphaelitism: Past, Present and Future

13–14 September 2013, Ashmolean Musuem and St John’s College, Oxford

The Exceptional Animal

Friday 6 September 2013, Oxford Brookes University

Accidents and Emergencies: Risk, Welfare and Safety in Europe and North America, c. 1750–2000

9–11 September 2013, Oxford Brookes University

Therapeutic Horticulture: Philosophy, Theory and Practice

10 July 2013, Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Therapy and Empowerment – Coercion and Punishment

Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Labour and Occupational Therapy

27–28 June 2013, St Anne’s College, Oxford

International Research Symposium.

‘Town and Gown’ workshop

Daily Life and the Capital City Research Group, Saturday 17 November 2012, Oxford Brookes University

Funded by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Criminal Liability and Luck

Wednesday 28 November 2012, Oxford Brookes University

One Day Workshop.

Undergraduate Student Research Conference

29 March 2012, Headington Hill Hall, Oxford Brookes University

Annual confernence for undergraduate students to showcase their research.

On the margins? Rethinking the problem and place of ‘outsiders’ in Europe, 1400–1800

23–24 March 2012, St Anne’s College, Oxford

Rethinking P.F. Strawson’s Individuals

One Day Conference, Friday 25 November 2011, Oxford Brookes University

Health and Medicine in Princely India

Research Symposium, 30–31 August 2011, New Delhi, India

History of Road Safety Symposium

30 June–1 July 2011, Oxford Brookes University

The Disease Within: Confinement in Europe, 1400–1800

4–5 March 2011, Oxford Brookes University

Health and Society: Private and Public Medical Traditions in Greece and the Balkans (1453–1920)

8–10 December 2010 , History Museum of the University of Athens

Perspectives on mid-century Modernism

12 November 2010, Oxford Brookes University

Symposium: Early Modern Women

19 June 2010, Oxford Brookes University

The Organiser and the Victim: Power Relationships in the Colonial World

9 January 2010, Oxford Brookes University

Symposium on Health and Philanthropy in Early Modern Europe

18 May 2009, Oxford Brookes University

Medicine and Charity in History

Saturday 21st February 2009, Oxford Brookes University